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Manousos Leontarakis PASTARELLA
30 June 2022

The well-known and always beloved PASTARELLA goes to the beach and very soon will be ready to welcome us with a new store, this time on the seafront of Heraklion. Continuing our many years of cooperation, we were very happy to undertake the design and decoration of the new store that is to be added to the family. The design line we followed and the concept emerged through our desire to discreetly highlight through design the Italian character of the restaurant. Construction details and objects invite the visitor to gradually discover the Italian mood of the space. The space of the restaurant occupies a total area of ​​210 sq.m., which includes the main hall, the brewery and an open kitchen, the ancillary areas and a large impressive wine cellar which will host dozens of wine labels from domestic and foreign producers. Upon entering the restaurant, the eye catches the elongated "carpet" of square tiles, which create a chessboard pattern around the perimeter of the hall, an element that adorns the facade of the store. Most of the restaurant is dominated by gray and charcoal shades, thus creating a quiet background, wanting to direct the visitor's attention in specific directions, such as the open kitchen, the compositions of colored glass that exist in various places and the perforated sheet metal structures that embrace the columns. Finally, a reference point is the traditional wood oven, which is part of the open kitchen, where it comes to complete the atmosphere of an Italian restaurant with references to traditional techniques through fine dishes of modern cuisine.

Manousos Leontarakis JEWELRY STORE
31 May 2022

The new jewelry store brings to our city an air of luxury and modern aesthetics, which will soon open its doors in the heart of the center of Heraklion. Our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, with great pleasure undertook the design and decoration of the space. Our main concern during the design was to preserve the company's heritage and to highlight in the best possible way its long course in the field of jewelry. Our main desire was to create a modern and at the same time timeless space, where it will exude the glamor and elegance that befits jewelry made of precious metals and precious stones, which will be hosted by the space. Dark shades combined with details in the shades of copper and walnut have been chosen on most surfaces, while the marble upholstery on the walls and benches, give an air of luxury and elegance. Special emphasis has been given to the study of lighting, where it was carried out with the main goal of highlighting all the elements and details, giving a more dramatic atmosphere to the whole space, serving the best display of jewelry.

Manousos Leontarakis QUICK & FRESH
30 April 2022

The confidence for the renovation of its space, showed in our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates the all day cafe & snack bar "Quick & Fresh", in the area of ​​Hersonissos. The goal of our team was to create a space with modern and fresh aesthetics, with bright colors and numerous levels of materials and textures, which will be able to catch the eye and attention of every passerby, inviting him to try one of the many healthy snacks contained in the store catalog. The leading role in the space is played by the wooden bar, which serves as a preparation area for snacks and drinks, which in itself was a design challenge for us as in addition to the aesthetic part, the functionality and full use of its ergonomics had to be ensured. space. Wooden and metal constructions in funky colors combined with tiles, large size and natural marble look, compose the perfect backdrop for a playful renewal of your Instagram flow.

Manousos Leontarakis OASIS HOTEL
31 March 2022

The renovation of the Oasis Hotel in Heraklion, Crete, was undertaken by our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates. The basic approach of our idea was the universal remodeling of the hotel experience that the accommodation will offer. During the initial study, special emphasis was placed on the functionality of the premises, in order to maximize the satisfaction of the quests as well as to increase the ease of their service. Particular emphasis was given to the aesthetic part, setting the space as an opportunity for the accommodation to acquire a specific direction and identity. The influence for the definition of the concept, came from the name of the hotel itself. The central element of the decoration of the rooms is the materials where they were used, such as wood, stone, metal and natural paint, giving the environment of relaxation and calm along with a more tropical mood. In the space there are details of ethnic and tropical elements in the furniture but also in the decorative objects, while the fabrics that have been chosen are mainly linen and organic cotton in dark tones. A reference point is the outdoor area of the hotel and the place that hosts the main pool, with intense and dense vegetation of tropical trees and plants, really giving the visitor the feeling of being in a true oasis.

Manousos Leontarakis PSYCHOLOGIST'S OFFICE
28 February 2022

The design and decoration of a new private mental health center was undertaken by our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates. Our main concern was to create a comfortable and warm space, where the patients will feel comfortable during the psychotherapy, making them want to come back again for the next one. The design is based not only on its architectural and decorative purpose but also on the scientific work served by a psychologist's office. Knowing how important the decoration of the space plays in the experience of the patient and with increased awareness about the needs of the end users, we approached the space with conscientiousness. Relaxing colors, rich textures in furniture and constructions as well as wooden surfaces in the natural shades of wood have been used mainly in the space, giving the space a modern aesthetic. Special emphasis has been given to the lighting of the space, since the right intensity and shade of light can positively affect the mood and well-being of the customer, through a more relaxed and friendlier atmosphere. Finally, it is worth noting that the furniture has been chosen very carefully, so that the patient feels comfortable during the session, having the opportunity to choose between very comfortable chairs and a couch, which is a symbol of the psychotherapeutic session.

Manousos Leontarakis BOUTIQUE HOTEL
30 January 2022

This time, we made a personal bet with ourselves. Our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, with great pleasure undertook the design and decoration of a new Boutique Hotel, which will be housed in a listed building, in a magnificent location, overlooking the port of Sitia. The design approach is mainly the creation of a boutique hotel with urban origins, giving the feeling of a European apartment of the 50's. With respect to the building, we decided to keep more of the decorative elements that are required, such as the painted ceilings, which inspired the design of the furniture for our team. The concrete tiles with retro patterns, is another element that has been preserved in several areas of the hotel, giving the opportunity to the visitor to get to know the aesthetics and the traditional style of past times. Natural materials such as wood and marble give a sense of luxury in the interior of the rooms, while the walls and ceilings are decorated with elaborate plaster decorations. Special attention and detail have been given to the design of the furniture, with special custom-made constructions mainly from bronze, brass and wood. Emphasis has also been placed on the fabrics in the entire interior of the rooms, with expensive velvet and luxurious fabrics to cover the backs of the beds and the armchairs, thus composing an environment of another more romantic era.

Manousos Leontarakis UMI RESTAURANT
30 December 2021

Sea Side Resort & Spa Hotel, a hotel in Crete located at the top of the preferences of those who seek to create unforgettable holiday memories. This summer a new tasting experience awaits its visitors, presenting the new Umi Restaurant, what Asian gastronomic innovation has the best to show. Excellent fusion dishes, exciting cocktails, but also an atmosphere of mystery travel the visitor to Asian cultures. Our office, Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, undertook the design and decoration of the restaurant with the main goal of combining different elements of Asian culture, combining three of the most important cultures of Asia, that of Thailand, China and Japan with Japanese culture being the basis of the design process. The visit to the site is based on three different scenarios. The first scene unfolds outside the restaurant where an open layout and high visibility has been created between the kitchen and the customers. Inside the restaurant where the second scene of the script takes place, the idea was perfectly connected with the pursuit of coexistence of the simple interior architecture that is the beginning of Japanese philosophy with the high gastronomic quality of the menu. Finally, the protagonist of the third scene undoubtedly plays the sushi bar, in the center of the space, where the chefs prepare in front of the customer the various sushi options. Special emphasis has been given to natural materials and custom made furniture, in a strong combination of industrial elements and grayblack shades on the floor and on the walls, composing a more minimalist image in the whole space.

Manousos Leontarakis PETOUSIS HOTELS & SUITES
30 November 2021

The capacity of the Petousis Hotel & Suites is growing and a branch of twentytwo new rooms will be completed soon, which will be ready in the coming months to gladly accommodate its first guests. The Petousis family, who have trusted our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates for years, entrusted us with the architectural design and decoration of the new complex. The basis of our design proposal was mainly to be able to highlight in the best way the peculiarities of the existing structure. At the same time, our priority was to maintain the style and character of the existing building, which is located right next door, wanting to project these elements in an ergonomically and design-more imaginative way. The interior of the rooms is dominated by comfort and warm atmosphere, which every traveler is looking for. Decoratively, we followed a modern and at the same time urban perspective, thus helping the visitor to feel at home, with austerity and simplicity in design.

Manousos Leontarakis WATER PARK
30 October 2021

The luxury hotel Stella Palace, a hotel of unparalleled aesthetics and architecture where it always tries to follow the latest trends of the global tourism industry, once again pioneers and decides to make a difference, creating a state-of-the-art Water Park, completely innovative for the Greek data, while expanding the existing park, offering its visitors a unique experience of carefree. Our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, gladly accepted this new challenge and will once again work successfully with the Stella Hotels Collection family. Committed to innovation and passion for design, we tried to create an aquatic world where young and old will have the opportunity to play and have fun in the unique and innovative, high quality and safe water slides, reserved exclusively for this park. Countless thematic and color choices come to match perfectly with the geometric shapes where they create water games and give the space a pop and funky character, making even the older ones feel like little children. At the same time, among the numerous water slides, dining areas have been created, giving visitors the choice between ethnic cuisines, grills and fast food, while at the same time the area hosts a bar for those who wish to take a break and enjoy their cocktail or their drink and continue playing a little later.

Manousos Leontarakis PHILEMA – BRUSSELS
30 September 2021

Our office, Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, this time travels abroad, to the center of Europe, to meet Greeks who keep the Cretan tradition alive. The assignment concerns the renovation of a Greek restaurant, which is located in the heart of Brussels. The goal of our team was to create an environment that will be shaped in such a way as to turn the visit to the place into a trip to Greece and Crete for those who miss it, but even for those who have not yet visited. Through colors, materials, textures and decorative elements that evoke a Greek mansion of another era, we managed to transfer the warmth and hospitable atmosphere of our homeland to a country of western culture. The interior of the restaurant is organized in three different halls, the kitchen and a bar located in the middle hall, while each of them draws on references from Greek restaurants of the 50s and 60s. Wood paneling covers the perimeter of the wall surfaces, in combination with tile-brick in shades of ocher. In each hall a different ceiling has been created, distinguishing with this the areas of the restaurant, with main materials wood and metal. The use of wood, marble and metal is not limited to decorative details, but also applies to furniture. So, in this way and the choice of these materials, colors and fabrics, a homely warmth emerges in the whole restaurant.

Manousos Leontarakis PERFUME SHOP
31 August 2021

Paris air brings to the city of Heraklion, a new perfume shop where it will soon open its doors in our city, with our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates undertaking its design and decoration. A wide range of perfumes from branded perfume houses, shower gels and soaps will adorn the shelves of the perfume shop, giving the possibility to choose between more refined and economical solutions for perfume lovers. Our goal was to make the customer experience when entering the store, a special experience, a journey through time and a tour of the birthplace of traditional perfumery. Based on the fact that for some the perfume is a "fetish", we designed a space that will activate all the senses of the visitor. A variety of materials are intricately combined with each other to give the space an air of luxury and grandeur. Marble surfaces, meet ornate custom-made furniture made of wood and gilded details. The simple design of the space, in combination with the choice of luxurious materials, stems from our main desire to create a "world of perfumes" simple, but at the same time majestic.

Manousos Leontarakis FOROEPILISIS
31 July 2021

Our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates undertook the configuration and decoration of the new offices which are an extension of the existing offices of an accounting and tax company. The idea of design is based on the need to create a space that will appeal to modern companies and modern people, representing modern design. The interior and exterior design of the space was done according to the needs of a rapidly growing company. Single glazed windows with metallic details shape the exterior architecture of the building, while orthogonal spaces and layouts are developed internally. Open and closed spaces as well as spaces for "relaxation" of the employees, shape the interior architecture. The design of the ceiling delimits the reception area, while the equipment elements, such as the living room, offices and meeting tables give the space its status and identity. The basic idea of the modern design that we wanted, is achieved through the creation of multiple jobs, visual contact but also privacy with a continuous flow in space, highlighting the person as a unit but also as part of a very dynamic whole.

Manousos Leontarakis STUDY CENTER
30 June 2021

Our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, with great pleasure undertook the design and decoration of a new and modern tutoring space for secondary education, where it will soon be ready to receive at its desks, from young elementary students to high school students with a high level of preparation for examination. Our goal was to create a functional space for both students and teachers, which will facilitate the operation and flow of the center, while at the same time it will be pleasant and modern, creating a pleasant mood for students of all ages. , inviting them to spend their time studying and discussing with each other or with their teachers, while each part of the space will be a potential study and teaching space. The reference point is the "tree of knowledge", a wooden structure that dominates the entrance of the space, as well as the lending library located in the waiting area. The basic structure of the space is organized on the flow of the corridor, with the classrooms being developed successively on one side, while at the same time closed and open spaces are created in each corner, which can accommodate a series of functions and activities of the center, such as meeting and seminar room, secretarial support, waiting area and small study corners. The main materials that have been used in the space are wood, metal and glass, while a special basis has been given to the study of lighting. The corridor is defined by custom made linear constructions of luminaires, while in each room it unfolds from a different lighting scenario with special constructions of luminaires made of wood or metal. Our main concern during the design was to "relax" the narrow boundaries of the school and the standard learning spaces, inviting the students to a more hospitable and familiar space for themselves, giving them the opportunity to move in the space comfortably, in an environment which allows a balance to be struck between organized learning and the freedom to improvise and create.

Manousos Leontarakis Café
30 May 2021

A new all day café will be ready very soon to welcome us in the heart of the city of Heraklion and our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, undertook its architectural study and design. This is an all-day café & snack bar located near the Metropolitan Church of Saint Minas and from the inside one can enjoy the view and the grandeur of the church. The allday character of the store guided the design, by creating different spaces, both inside and outside the store. So inside the store one can enjoy a quick breakfast coffee or snack, while directly opposite the store, in the square of Agia Aikaterini, another open seating area has been created, where the customer will have the opportunity to dine or pass the his time enjoying a cool cocktail. The aesthetics of the space is directly inspired by the Art Deco era. Colors, materials and constructions compose a place with a strong personality, ready to attract any type of visitor, who wants to take a break from the intense everyday life. Our main wish was the final design to exude the air of a classic bistro with a more modern and urban look. Curves dominate both structural elements and structures. Hidden lighting, special constructions of lamps in combination with wood, metal and marble compose a very hospitable and at the same time atmospheric space.

Manousos Leontarakis Construction company offices
30 April 2021
Construction company offices

With special honor and joy our office Manousos Leontarakis and associates, undertook the renovation and redesign of the offices of one of the largest construction companies in Greece. The design of the space was based on functionality, comfort and aesthetics. Functionality was our primary goal, to facilitate the flow of daily movement of people working in the space, creating the optimal freedom of movement and communication. We have organized distinct areas, which allow for a degree of privacy with open and closed spaces. At the same time, the best possible layout contributed to the maximum exploitation of the area of the property for the benefit of the company. Individualized work spaces were created in the area, which have been formed in smaller or larger groups, adapted to the needs of the company for more cooperation or isolation between employees. The decoration of the space is completely inspired by the industrial reports of the area where the company is housed. At the entrance, a wide reception and waiting area was formed where the colors of the company logo were applied, in combination with gray floor, white and black levels on the ceilings, which define the traffic areas. The palette of textures, materials and colors have followed the industrial aesthetics of the area where the building is located, but also the nature of the object of the company itself. Visible metal construction surfaces, selective color interventions in combination with custom made wooden furniture, compose the final image of a unique space, which follows the architectural concept and welcomes its users in a special work experience.

Manousos Leontarakis STAR CAFE
31 March 2021

A new all day café-snack, soon opens its doors in the city of Heraklion. The reason for "STAR CAFE", a cool and modern café-snack bar, where it will operate daily from early in the morning until late at night. Our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, undertook the design and decoration of the space, wanting to give a highly modern and welcoming aesthetic, with influences from the new age specialty coffee shops. Scandinavian style with retro details, compose a setting that allows customers to breathe freely, enjoying their coffee, drink or snack.

Manousos Leontarakis KAKKOS BAY
28 February 2021

KAKKOS BAY hotel in Ferma of Ierapetra, creates a seating area on the sand, in an environment of unique natural beauty, on the beach of the hotel. Our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, was invited to design and shape a space that will combine the relaxed atmosphere of the island, with the refined hospitality and the incomparable charm of a modern resort, next to the turquoise crystal clear waters of Kakos Bay beach. A place meticulous to the last detail, exudes a special warmth and relaxation, to offer the visitor moments of carefree and relaxation. With a highly exotic mood, with boho and ethnic elements dominating in every appearance, while comfortable poufs and armchairs help the visitor to relax and enjoy his cocktail and vacation, always having as our main priority the absolute respect for the landscape and the natural environment.

Manousos Leontarakis Kyriakos Restaurant
30 January 2021
Kyriakos Restaurant

The restaurant "KYRIAKOS", perhaps one of the most historic restaurants in the city of Heraklion, since it has been in the catering industry for 40 years, commissioned our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates, its renovation. It is a great joy but also the responsibility that we feel, since the assignment of our work automatically becomes part of a new chapter in the history of "KYRIAKOS", aspiring to continue the same brilliant course that it traced from 1981 until today, as a reference point in our city. The main guideline during the design was to maintain the style of the space, through a more modern look. Wood paneling and constructions in warm tones of wood, ornate ceilings and mirrors will dominate the space. All this in combination with the expensive tableware and linen tablecloths, come to give a feeling of grandeur and pleasant environment both in the main hall and in the courtyard of the restaurant, which will be remodeled with new canopies. The restaurant, which for many decades has been part of our daily life in one of the most central parts of Heraklion, returns renewed, with a fresh mood, emphasizing the glamor that distinguishes it.

Manousos Leontarakis Palmera Spa
30 December 2020
Palmera Spa

Το ξενοδοχείο Palmera Beach στον λιμένα Χερσονήσου, θέλοντας να αναβαθμίσει τις υπηρεσίες του, δημιουργεί έναν χώρο ευεξίας και χαλάρωσης, δίνοντας στους πελάτες του την ευκαιρία μιας ξεχωριστής εμπειρίας περιποίησης και αναζωογόνησης. Το γραφείο μας Manousos Leontarakis & Associates ανέλαβε με ιδιαίτερη χαρά την δημιουργία και τον σχεδιασμό του νέου αυτού spa, σε έναν από τους χώρους του ξενοδοχείου. Στόχος μας είναι να δημιουργήσουμε έναν χώρο όπου ο επισκέπτης θα καταφέρνει να απομακρύνεται για λίγο από τον κόσμο και θα εστιάζει στο ευ ζην. Απόλυτα μινιμαλιστική διάθεση και διακόσμηση θα κυριαρχεί στον χώρο, με απαλούς γήινους τόνους, έχοντας πάντα ως κύριο γνώμονα την διαχρονική κομψότητα. Στον χώρο θα μπορεί κανείς να βρει εσωτερική πισίνα-Jacuzzi με τεχνητούς καταρράκτες, θάλαμο sauna και hamam, καθώς επίσης και δυο privet χώρους για μασάζ. Πέτρα, μάρμαρο και φυσικό ξύλο δημιουργούν έναν αρμονικό συνδυασμό στον χώρο, δίνοντας την απόλυτη αίσθηση ευεξίας, αναζωογόνησης, χαλάρωσης και απόδρασης από την καθημερινότητα. 

Manousos Leontarakis CHALAVRO
30 November 2020

In the heart of the old town of Heraklion, an already well-known hangout, which goes by the name Halavros, commissioned our office Manousos Leontarakis & Associates to renovate and redesign its space. Our main concern was the preservation of the all day and night character of the store, always with respect to the historicity of the place, since the hustle and bustle is revived through the ruins of an old house. In Halavro, everything starts early in the morning with the first coffee and some brunch, while later the day continues with a dish from the suggestions of the fine cuisine and when the lights go down, the first reason is the imposing bar with fine choices in cocktails. So the bet of our team, was to manage to adapt all the functions of the space in a completely relaxing and ethnic mood, while at the same time to be hospitable to the visitor throughout the day and night. Wooden furniture, clean lines and tones inspired by nature in a bohemian mood and style decorate the space with a more modern and relaxed aesthetic, traveling in this way conceivable to new destinations and cultures of the earth. The most renewed stone open bar in our city, comes through its design to bring back the energy of the past, through the most modern and modern trend of today.